ROUTE Murari

ruta muraria

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ROUTE Murari
ruta muraria
Family: Polipodiáceas.

Description: Plant cryptogams fitted with a small rhizome, with abundant rootlets and covered by scales. The fronds are coriacea, olive green, persistent, bipinnatisectos, with many subdivisions obtuse. The Soros is available in the lower face and linear. It measures 10 cm on average. tall. It is quite common on the walls, on the rocks, between the cracks, especially in mountainous areas of average height. Is harvested in late spring.

Used parts: The fronds.

Chemical compounds: Tannins, salts, mucilage, gallic acid.

Properties: Emenagogo, ophthalmic, astringent.

How to use: Infusion, dust, dyeing, distilled water.

Note: With the fronds prepares the distilled water that has always delivered impressive results in ophthalmia and in many diseases of the eye, in the form of eye drops. This species has also grown for ornamental, but has not found much appreciation. Their tannin content makes it holds a soft hemostatic action from use on small wounds.

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