tragopogon pratensis

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tragopogon pratensis
Family: Composed.

Description: biennial herbaceous plant with root axonomorfa, oblique. The stem is herbaceous, fistulous. The leaves are amplexicaulas linear, lanceolate, with a median nerviación ticked entire margin. The cones have a long stalk, with the Corolla yellow ray. The result is an achene of grisáceo fitted Vilan of white hair. It is a fairly common species that grows along the paths in the meadows. It measures 50 cm on average. Is collected in autumn.

Used parts: The root.

Active ingredients: Inulin, inositol, mannitol, fitosterina.

Directions: Nutritious, depurative, expectorant, astringent.

Use: Decoction, syrup, extract fluid.

Interest: The roots are highly sought after as a condiment, because of the taste for it in the syrup. It also leaves are used in the preparation of stew. The petals in providing an infusion preparation which clarifies the skin, especially efélidos. The syrup has advantages in cases of persistent cough and in bronchitis. Distilled water is used in detergents on dry skin lotions. It's a very kind grown in the orchards.

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