saxifraga granulata

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saxifraga granulata
Scientific name:

Saxifraga granulata.

Other Names:

Herb of the Rocks.

HABITAT: grows in mountainous terrain and humid throughout Europe. It abounds especially in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Description: herbaceous plant of about 50 cms. tall, of the family of Saxifragáceas. The leaves have a serrated edge and the petiole length. The flowers are white, and bouquets are available in terminals.

Used parts: the roots, flowers and leaves.

Properties and indications: the whole plant, and especially its root, contains tannins, resins, glycosides and vitamin C. Develops a significant diuretic effect, and possibly because of their power of alkaline urine, favors the dissolution and expulsion of urinary calculi.

It is recommended its use to promote urination, especially in cases of urolithiasis (calculations in the kidney) grit from the urine and renal colic.

Use: in infusion or decoction of the herb 40 - 60 grams per liter of water, which takes 2 or 3 cups daily.

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