sorghum vulgare

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sorghum vulgare
Family: Grasses.

Description: Plant root booklets, fibrous, erect stem, knotty. The leaves are wide, toothed, rugged, guided, with ribs. Spike apical formed by several spikelets reddish. The fruit is oblong seed. This species comes from India and now is grown everywhere. It reaches a height of more than 2 m. Is collected in summer and autumn.

Used parts: the head.

Active ingredients: starch, sugar, acids, Pyrogallol, pectin.

Directions: Astringent, hemostatic, antidiarreica.

How to use: Infusion, dyeing, enolito.

Interest: The plant is widely cultivated as fodder for cattle, since it is very nutritious for their sugar content. Also takes advantage for the manufacture of brooms. With the roots and stems are prepared decoctions concentrated feed for fattening geese and chickens. An attempt was made to the extraction of sugar from cane, to compete with the beet, but the substances that form the slag are difficult to eliminate.

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