tuber brumale

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tuber brumale
It was called the truffle a group of fungi of the genus Tuber, used as a food condiment. While the cuisine is more coveted T. melarrosporum, characteristic of Perigord, France, which is cultivated or farmed spontaneously elsewhere is T. brufnale or truffle winter.

The truffles are spherical masses of the size of a golf ball, but may be higher with the surface completely irregular lot tuberosity (hence its name Scientific, Tuber) Externally appear black, although its interior displays a pale pink color.


One grows into the oak and oak, and lta thereof, in thickets of calcareous soil, abundant in the Pyrenees.


Despite the virtues attributed to it (as potentialize quality of virility) the reality is that it does not contain any substance that can exert any therapeutic action on the human body. Carbohydrate - containing fats, proteins, mineral salts and aromatic compounds, the latter characteristic of each species of truffle.


Yet it is believed that truffles are aphrodisiac, that is, that stimulate sexual desire, but there is no scientific reason to believe so. The Romans, for their part, do not attach any therapeutic value, quite the opposite: the despised by insipidus and considering that his digestion was heavy.


Gain maturity in autumn, and can be collected throughout the winter, not in vain are also known as winter truffles. The problem is locate in the woods, then reared under ground and not emerge to the surface.


Today is purely culinary uses: rebanaditas cut and used as a condiment on any dish meals extol. The complexity of its cultivation and the difficulty of locating the.

Spontaneous strains in the woods makes their market price is very high and its popular use, prohibitive.

Cake truffles are a species of chocolates only to have in common with our mushroom spherical shape and the roughness of the surface.

In Francis, in the region from Perigord, famous for its pates and truffles, harvesting of the latter are guided by the smell of pigs, which lead down to the exact place where the succulent fungus grows.

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