heracleum sphondyllum

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heracleum sphondyllum
Family: Umbelíferas.

Description: From Heracles Hercules, alluding to the energetic properties of the plant. It is an herb that reaches up to 2 meters high, with root issues and stem erect, branched, hollow, angular and pubescent. The leaves are alternate, Penn, composite, with sawn pinnatosectos leaflets or lobes. The flowers arranged in terminal umbel or asylum, are white. The chalice is pentadentado and Corolla, pentapétala. The result was a split diaquenio that upon reaching maturity compressed into two parts. It is common in state forest in the moist mountain meadows and along waterways. Is collected in autumn.

Used parts: The root and leaves.

Chemical compounds: Heracleína, essentially, glutamine, resin.

Properties: Sedative, antihistérica, aphrodisiac, digestive.

How to use: Decoction, powders, liquid extract, tincture.

Note: The stem emits a sweet juice that coagulates in contact with air. The whole plant can be used to obtain an alcoholic liquid. The root, shoots and young leaves can be eaten if they are boiled in advance. The aerial parts of the dye is used in cases of reproductive asthenia, although it is not known in detail the mechanism of its action.

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