Kidney stones

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Kidney stones
The urinary system is integrated by two kidneys, uréteres, vejiga and uretra, that is the conduit by which it tinkles it is eliminated of the body.

The kidneys are two organs in form of frijol located below the ribs towards half of the back. They perform a function vital since they are in charge to filter the blood and to eliminate the excess of water and the exhausted of the blood, turning tinkles them.

Also they serve to maintain a stable balance of the salts and other substances in the blood and produce hormones that help to form strong bones and to form red globules.

Both kidneys leave tubes narrow called uréteres, that is in charge to take tinkles it from the kidneys to vejiga, that is an elastic organ like a globe, whose elastic walls stretch and expand to store tinkles it and they are contracted when it is evacuated tinkles it, that leaves through uretra to the outside.

The kidneys are very delicate organs and its badly operation can even cause the death and as in them it takes place tinkles it and this element contains many substances, sometimes the annoying renales calculations can be formed.

The renales calculations are like stones that form from crystals that are in tinkles it and they separate of her, increasing of size and being accumulated in the kidneys, preventing who these work suitably and causing much pain to those who has them.

Normally, it tinkles it contains chemistries that avoid or inhibit the crystal formation, but by some reason, these inhibitors, do not work of the same form in all the people, reason why some get to form the renales calculations.

The formation of renales calculations is a called disease nefroliatiasis or urolitiasis and is very annoying and painful for those who suffer it, it is very common of the urinary routes and generally it affects more to the men than to the women as of the 20 years.

Calculations renales can to be of diverse sizes, so small as grain of sand, which causes that they can be eliminated by tinkles it without being noticed or as great as a golf ball, can be smooth or of irregular form and they are generally yellow or brown.

Depending on the material or the combinations of chemistries that form them, four main types of calculations can be identified.

Those of calcium, that are most common and contain a combination of oxalatos and fostafos, elements that are component of the common diet of a person and that they comprise of his bones and muscles.

Those of estruvita, or calculations of infection, that usually form after some infection of the urinary system.

Those of úrico acid, that form when this component is in too much amount in tinkles it.

Those of cistina, that is a component of muscles, nerves and other parts of the body and which they are less common and frequent.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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