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The contact of a potentially harmful substance with our organism produces a poisoning.

It can penetrate by ingestion (eating it) inhalation (breathing it) contact (through the skin) or by injection (syringes, mordeduras, punctures or pinchazos)


It can cause the death.

The rest of complications depends on the type of product and the time that it has had to be absorbed.


Acting on time usually it is good.

Diagnosis and treatment.

In case that it is taken place a poisoning we must by hand have the telephone of the Information service Toxicológica (Madrid)

91. 562. 04. 20.

in where personal qualified it will orient to us on the measures to apply.

Before undertaking any type of action, it calls to this telephone. Try to find out the substance that has taken and in what amount. Watch around, if he is unconscious can have something orients to him.

General Measures.

Like general norms of IMMEDIATE performance, while somebody contacts with the mentioned Information service Toxicológica:

If the product makes contact with enemy with the eyes or the skin, lávelo with abundant water during at least 10 minutes. It does not use soap, can facilitate the toxic absorption certain.

If they have been acid retires in addition the soaked clothes and when washing nonfriction. If it has been by gas inhalation, póngalo to breathe to the fresh air. If the room still has the gas, tápese the first nose and mouth with a humid handkerchief.

If it has been by ingestion, it washes with water the lips, the mouth and the language. If they have been medicines, provóquele the vomit (in other cases it can not be advisable)

The rest of measures depends to a large extent on the ingested product: thus, with detergents and suavizantes it preferredly administers to 1 spoonful of vegetal oil and one rich diet in liquids milk.

In case of lyes, strong or ammoniac water, never causes the vomit since if the substance has burned when lowering it will return to do it when raising. Adminístrele a water water, milk or glass with 2 clear ones of egg beaten and tries that it drinks it to sorbos.


We must turn our homes safe places; for it, it is enough with being used to to us to simple norms to use and to keep these products, in addition to already mentioned:

Read kindly and you respect the instructions of printed use or precaution in the package, or any other additional information (pamphlets of instructions. provided by the manufacturer.

It does not change products of its original package.

If it must prepare a product, it does not use bottles of drink, nor food packages.

It does not mix cleaning products, since they can give off gases. If it must transfer a dangerous product not it does it in front of the children and it tries to protect themselves and to always manipulate them in a aired affluent place.

It does not keep them mixed with nutritional products.

It does not leave medicines anywhere once used, nor in the drawers of the small tables at night.

Factors of risk.

Mainly, the dangerous product possession in the home.

Its number must be restricted to the essential minimum, being replaced when he is feasible by others less toxics (P. ej. the ammonia by other desengrasantes that does not give off steam.

In the work, the indications of the manufacturer must be respected, that must study and be known before using no product, comes labeled like toxic or no.

The dangerous products in attractive packages and without corks of security.

Signs and symptoms.

Very variable, according to the toxic and the route of administration.

Generalizing, the majority produces irritation in the place by where they have entered the body:

thus those ingested produce annoyances in the mouth, throat and stomach;

the inhaled ones, cough, picor and pain throat and in the chest, lack of air;

the contacted ones, reddening, picor and pain in the zone of the body by where they have entered.


Discounting counted the occasions in which the poisoning takes place of voluntary way, with suicidal intentions, generally it takes place of accidental form in the home or the work.

The children are those that undergo them with more frequency, already unite their unconsciousness before the danger with their natural curiosity, although it is generally fault ours, to leave to its reach everything a potentially dangerous product arsenal; the medicines in a drawer to its reach; the products of cleaning in the low ones of the kitchen; and even most cautious, than they keep these products under key jealously, soon leave a container with clothes to soaking in lye within reach of the children.

If to this we added to him that many products of cleaning appear in attractive packages, is that almost a 70% of the poisonings take place in smaller children of 14 years.

In spite of it, most of the poisonings they do not have gravity and a 75% of the toxic product ingestions do not leave sequels if it is acted suitably.

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