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RABIES O hydrophobia
The rage, also well - known like hidrofobia, is a mortal viral disease that can affect the central nervous system of any animal of hot blood, including of course the human being.

This painful and dangerous disease trasmite by the mordedura of a rabid animal, although also can be contracted when it penetrates in the body saliva that the virus contains, which happens through some wound or opened ulcer, of the mucosa of the eyes or mucous membranes of the mouth.

Once in the interior, the virus of moves by the nerves until arriving at the spinal marrow and the brain in where it is multiplied, it destroys the nervous weave and it causes paralysis and the death.

In the human beings the period average of incubation between the exhibition to the virus and the beginning of the symptoms is of 30 to 50 days, although there have been cases that appear from the 10 days of I infect to the year.

Symptoms the symptoms of the rage are high fever, muscular headache, pains, vomit, uncontrollable agitation, dribbling and painful espasmos of muscles of the throat, which prevents to take liquids, in spite of feeling an intense thirst. Commonly the death happens by asphyxia due to the total paralysis.

Diagnosis and prevention After a person has been bite, in case of being able to do the one that must stop with well - taken care of the animal that attacked and to maintain it during 10 days in observation, at the same time that is put under to him a test to detect antibodies. If the animal does not die and symptoms or signs of the virus are not detected and the wasted person is healthy, she is come to suspend the monitoring. In case of mordedura, it is necessary to wash to several times the wound with abundant soap and lukewarm water. If this is deep it has to wash it to the water spurt and to use much soap and to go as rapidly as possible to the doctor so that it determines the suitable treatment and it cures the wound to avoid infections.

If the doctor determines it, it is necessary to apply a preventive treatment by means of a series of injections, generally of antirabic inmunoglobulina or antirabic serum and later the treatment will include between five or six injections against the rage, in addition the person will have to check every two years to detect the presence of the virus.

As measures of prevention of the rage are:

To vaccinate every year to all the domestic dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

If it is known cases of rage in the community where it lives, does not touch to the plates of dogs and cats.

If it sees a dog or cat stagger, although it seems friendly, one does not approach and it warns to him the sanitary authorities.

not to confuse the symptoms of scare or hysteria, that comes after a bite, with those of the rage. Nevertheless before any doubt or fear, it is less to exaggerate and to go immediately to the doctor.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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