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The Adonis is a herbaceous perennial plant of beautiful and harmonious appearance, which recalls the legendary and beautiful boy Adonis. Presents a thick basal area with many black roots, has an upright stem, densely covered with leaves and topped at the apex of a single yellow flower. It is a very rare to see in the Iberian Peninsula, only one is in some dry prairies of the Ebro basin.

Their origin seems to be Asia and southern Europe, eastern and central.

It is a plant easy to recognize once you have seen, although there are closely related species that can be confused with the original. The plant blooms in spring, in the first few weeks, and the flower opens fully only in clear and sunny day. The whole plant, from the root to the last flower, is highly poisonous.

For medicinal use reflects the aerial parts, leaving the lower parts. Drying should do it for flow of hot air, without exceeding 60 ║ C; once they are completely free of moisture, must be stored in airtight jars and may be retained for up to 2 years. The plant itself is highly poisonous, so it is completely discouraged their use.

The pharmaceutical industry leverages its virtues it in a rational and controlled, such as medicine can be said that this is a good diuretic and cardiac tonic, similar to the effects of digital and Scylla. Among the active principles that glycosides contains some noteworthy called adonidˇsido and adonivernˇsido; the first of which is allotted the properties of cardiac tonic, but is that it has more side effects, and the second is the one that has diuretic effect, to delay the blood vessels. Both have a clear advantage over digital is that none accumulates in the body. To also have a soothing effect on the nervous system are always under - identified prescription - rebels in coughs, asthma attacks and even seizures. One factor to consider is that the pass glucosides of this grass into milk of farm animals, so that poisoning by eating the plant may be direct or through ingestion of milk from cows or goats that have eaten Adonis.

Is not recommended for home use of this plant, either in the form of decoction or as an infusion. His prescription and dosage should be left to authorized personnel, namely doctors and pharmacists. In some cases, when a patient has to be for a long time treated with digitalis compounds, and in order to avoid the problems of digital accumulation in the body appears to be allowed for the replacement of digital adonis.

Toxic. Diuretic. Cardiotonic.

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