mijo de sollithospermum erythorryzon

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mijo de sollithospermum erythorryzon
Other Names:

Pearls, Cańamones Monte, grains of love, Litospermo, Perlina, Quebrantahoces, tea Benasque.

Habitat: common in limestone areas throughout Europe. In the Iberian Peninsula is scarce as we moved towards the west. Little known in America.

Description: perennial plant of the family of Boraginįceas, which reaches 40 to 80 cms. tall. Its leaves are somewhat hair, with nerves for his outgoing bottom. The seeds are rounded, very hard, and looking porcelain.

Used parts: the seeds and leaves.

Properties and indications: whole plant is rich in silica and calcium in addition to mucilages and pigments. Since ancient times it has been used to dissolve urinary calculi. It is a potent diuretic uricosuric (facilitates the removal of uric acid) Dissolves the Arenillas of urine and can get to dissolve a kidney stone, especially if it is made up of Urata. Highly recommended in case of gout and renal colic. He also has digestive properties. For its bitter taste, is a tonic for all the digestive organs opens the appetite and facilitate digestion.

Use: Infusion with 50 - 100 grams of seeds and leaves per liter of water, which consume 3 or 4 cups a day. Formerly took the crushed seeds.

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