almizclera erodium moschatum

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almizclera erodium moschatum
The Musk is an annual plant with a height that varies depending on the condition of the land where you are, so that in a rainy and fertile land can reach a height much greater than if you are on dry land. The stalks grow upright and are divided into many branches covered with hair, is also completely covered with leaves, with heart - shaped edges and segmented. The musk can be found from north to south across the Iberian Peninsula, is reared in uncultivated areas, preferably close to rivers.

The flowering season encompasses all spring, the flowers are borne on the end of a corner that connects to the branch and are usually clustered in groups of 6 flowers. The chalice is divided into 5 sepals, like the Corolla which is made up of 5 petals. The most widely used parts of this plant are the leaves and stems and can be collected at any time, although it is always advisable to coincide with the flowering season and that is when they are most active components of the plant. Once harvested, the leaves are placed to dry in the sun and stored in a dry and shady place so that they retain their properties longer.

This plant has diuretic and astringent properties albeit with weaker effects. On some occasions it is used to clean wounds and sores. It is a home remedy that has traditionally been used to cure many diseases but today is found that its effects are quite moderate and who should replace this plant, where possible, by more effective. In medicine it is used very little and is included in very few pharmaceutical preparations.

Poultice: Place the crushed plant on a cotton cloth and put on the wound for cleaning.

The juice of this plant juice (about 30 deg. Is mixed with milk or water and takes a cup a day to produce urine.

Tisane: Put a baking 20 degrees. Plant in half a liter of water for twenty minutes; slip the remains of the plant and allow to cool. It can take a cup after meals and if the taste is not very nice you can add sugar or honey.

Astringent. Healing. Diuretic.

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