anagálide acuática veronica anagallis

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anagálide acuática veronica anagallis
The ANAGALIDE aquatic plant is a perennial that typically measure 10 to 30 cm in height, the stems grow flush with the ground so it rises slightly. From its roots grow knots which are divided into bundles and their stems, hollow square - shaped, these are completely covered with leaves, oval - shaped and jagged edges that are linked directly to the stem and lacking a corner that hold. This plant can be found across the Iberian peninsula but is harder to find than others of the same family as the becabunga. One grows in areas with plenty of water and sometimes grow into the water when it is not very deep.

It begins to bloom in April and continues throughout the spring and summer. The flowers are born grouped under the armpits of the leaves and are of a blue color that gives the plant a very flamboyant, Corolla, like the cup is divided into four parts. Collected the aerial parts of the plant and usually the time of harvest coincides with the flowering, because that is when they are most active principles of the plant. It is desirable to take this plant fresh as it is difficult to retain after the cut.

Like other plants in your family has diuretic properties and antiscorbutic but its effects are quite mild, so it is usually replaced by other plants such as becabunga, which besides having effects stronger, more abundant in the Iberian Peninsula. At times, is also used as an aperitif before meals because it is very easy to prepare, in a salad for example.

Natural: It is desirable to take the aerial parts of this plant fresh. After you collect is washed and cutting into adding a salad; can adicttion as if it were lettuce.

Juice: Squeeze the leaves of the plant freshly harvested; juice can be taken pure or mixed with water and if the taste is not very nice you can add sugar or honey.

Syrup: Mix a pint of the juice of this plant with other plants, such as the coclearia.

Appetizer. Diuretic. Antiscorbutic.

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