Asperula OLOROSO

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Asperula OLOROSO
This plant has a number of small - diameter stems, which grow a few inches below ground level, underground stems to be some pretty branching (not to be confused with the roots) installment in the stretch they come from other stems, and upright, emerging abroad reaching a height of up to thirty centimeters, curiously, have a diameter larger than the previous ones. These stalks have a section in each square knot and begin a series of leaves, whose number varies from four to ten at the top.

The small white flowers was placed at the upper ends of the stems and usually appear from May. The fruit is formed from July and is so globulosa, with the surface traveled by countless hair twisted in the form of a hook. The gathering will take place during or after flowering is finished. Drying will be done quickly, preferably sheltered from the sun, and once made will be to store it in a container away from moisture.

It is curious to note that in this plant, as it moves the process of drying, increases their ability aromatic - provided that the process is done correctly, of course. The leaves and flowering tops contain a glycoside that was later transformed into coumarin. We can also find anthraquinone and Monotropa, which give properties antispasmodic, which is used in cases of gastrointestinal spasm, improving digestions slow. He also is considered a good sedative and hypnotic, so it can be used in situations of stress, nervousness and insomnia. It also has a diuretic effect, so its use is recommended in oliguria and cases of urinary tract stones. It is a good anti - inflammatory and is very effective for cleaning eye in cases of blefaroconjuntivitis.

Infusion: Forty grams of leaves and flowering tops are added to a liter of boiled water, leaving it to stand for ten minutes. Of the liquid that is obtained after filtration can have a cup after the two main meals, thus facilitating digestion. You can also take a cup an hour before bedtime to combat insomnia.

Infusion bathroom eye: It is prepared by adding fifteen grams to a liter of boiled water and keep in contact for fifteen minutes. The liquid obtained is used at a temperature at about 30 degrees centigrade for washing the eye, acting as an anti - inflammatory eyelid and eye area.

Anti - inflammatory. Palatable. Diuretic.

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