hierba luisalippia triphylla kuntze

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hierba luisalippia triphylla kuntze
Other Names:

Kidron, Cidrón, Herb Cidrera, Grass of Spring, Queen Louise, fragrant Verbena.

The grass luisa is another of the great gifts of the flora of the New World, along with tomatoes, potatoes and many more. Europe has been cultivated since the eighteenth century. Some confused with verbena, but it is even different plants belonging to different botanical families.

Habitat: native to Chile and Peru but acclimated in Europe, where it is grown as an ornamental plant and aromatic.

Description: small shrub of the family of Verbenáceas, which reaches to 2 meters in height. Its leaves are lanceolate and rough, and give off an intense lemon flavor when they scrub. The flowers are pale purple or lilac, and grow in bouquets.

Part used: leaves.

Properties and indications: the whole plant, and above all the leaves are rich in an essential oil composed of more than hundred substances among which the citral, the limonene and Caryophyllene. This essentially gives it digestive properties, antispasmodic and carmine (favors the expulsion of gases from the digestive system) The grass luisa is shown in the following cases:

Digestive Disorders: dyspepsia acute (empacho or indigestion) and chronic (heavy digestions) and flatulence.

Painful periods (dysmenorrhea) biliary and renal colic, for its antispasmodic action.

Is shown in different types of nerve disorders, especially in cases of anxiety, because in many cases achieved better results than some chemical tranquilizers, with the advantage of not having the side effects of these drugs.

Use: in infusion made with about 30 grams. leaves per liter of water. Take a hot cup after each meal. It has a taste very nice.

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