erythrina crista-galli .

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erythrina crista-galli .
Names: "ceibo colorado", "Seibo, " "poplar", "zuinandi", "sihiñiandi" in Guarani, "peié - suket" (red fruit) in Vilela, "nainík", "Chapel (a) will llâlé " (daughter of the club drunk) " Ima botarañí " (house of duck clubs) into Toba, " corticeira ", " sananduva ", " sumavreira crista of Gaul, "" Erythrina " (Brazil) " crete - de - coq " (France) " commons coral tree " (England) " French pinion " (Cuba)

Geographical distribution and habitat: It was scattered from southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay to Argentina (Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero, Formosa, Chaco, Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires) forming Seibal in places or in flooded grasses, albardones, skirting rivers and streams.

Brief description of the plant: Tree of up to 10 m. tall, with recurved goads and deciduous foliage. Large sheets glabrous, with 1 - 3 goads on the underside of the petiole, leaflets oval or elliptical - lanceolate of 3 - 11 cm. in length. Flowers arranged in clusters, deep red, 3 - 6 cm. long, fleshy. Fruit, pods arched, 10 - 20 cm. long, dark brown, kidney - shaped seeds with 1 - 6. It blooms from November to February.

Uses and part used: The leaves are used as Antihaemorrhoidals for external use, as antiseptic and astringent, the bark of the stem; narcosis, leaves, flowers and bark of the stem; in dyeing wool and cotton, flowers, in sculptures, Tarugos, rafts, wheels, etc. Timber. It is an ornamental plant and was declared a national flower Argentina in 1942.

Chemical compounds isolated: In either: hipaforina; eritratina, eritralina, eritramina; alkaloid and erisonina.

S: erisopina, erisodina; erisovina; acid Caprice, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, peanutbutter, oleic, linoleic, eicosénico.

fl: cinanidín - 3 - phosphorus, cianidín - 3 - glucoside, pelargonidin - 3 - glucoside.

h: n - nororientalina, erybidina, eritrinina; cristamidina, erisotrina.

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