ecballium elaterium

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ecballium elaterium
Family: Cucurbits.

Description Of Greek ecbálllo, stem flowers, with allusion to the method of insemination. Herbaceous plant, crawling, with fleshy white roots. Stem equipped with small arms juicy. The leaves are petiolated and rugged, hispida, Horned, ACORAZONADO, toothed, wrinkled, tuberculares, gray green, with whitish below the foil. The male flowers are yellow, and are developing in the armpit leaf, bell - shaped, with the Corolla pentalobulada. The female flowers are similar to those of men. The fruit, a VEGETABLES, is big, hispida, green, fleshy. The accumulation of fluid increases the pressure, so that upon reaching maturity throws away the seeds of the plant, they are smooth and flat. It is common in coastal areas on the outskirts of rural populations, especially in the Mediterranean area. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: Deposit dry the juice of the fruits: elaterio.

Chemical compounds: Elaterina, elaterasa; linoleic acid, stearic, palmitic, sugar, starch, alcohol, resins.

Properties: Rapid, desobstruyente bile, antiictérico, antiflavístico.

How to use: Elaterio, tincture.

Note: If this plant is ingested, can cause serious gastroenteríticos with bleeding disorders, and in case of excessive doses, death. In a state of the plant is to gravidity abortion, and is studying medicine. There is a popular habit of breathing juice in cases of favismo they want eliminated the bile from the blood. The elaterio, properly dosed, has been used in the cure for obesity, usually associated with sedatives or substances mucilaginosas that mitigate the drastic action.

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