comino cuminum cyminum

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comino cuminum cyminum
Other Names:

False Anise.

It was already used as a condiment or as a medicine by the Egyptians, because they have been conserved in some tombs. In recent centuries, its fruits have been replaced by the caraway, of similar properties but with a milder flavor. However, Cominos remain an excellent condiment and medicine. The salad seasoned with them exhaling a very pleasant aroma and a satisfying the palates finest. They are also indispensable ingredient of some traditional sweets, which in addition to its delicious flavor makes them more digestible.

Habitat: originating in West Asia, and spread throughout the Mediterranean region. Cultivated in some American countries.

Description: annual herbaceous plant, the family of the Umbelíferas, which reaches 50 cm in height. Its leaves are very fine, almost filiform. The fruits are formed at the end of the radius of the umbels, measuring 5 to 6 millimeters long, and have some ribs very marked, fraught with harsh hairs.

Used parts: the fruits.

Properties and indications: containing 10% oil ethereal, and a substance whose active ingredient is the most important aldehyde cuminos or cuminal. They are appetizers, digestive and carmine (make disappear intestinal gas) They also provide a certain effect galactógeno, ie favoring the secretion of milk of mothers breastfeeding. These properties are common to the fruits of other Umbelíferas such as caraway, coriander and anise, cumin of the difference is mainly for its peculiar taste.

Usage: infusion of 2 grams. Comino (the tip of a teaspoon of dessert) whole or slightly crushed, for every cup of water, swallowed a cup after lunch and after dinner. A baby can be administered 2 or 3 tablespoons of this infusion after each intake of food. Powder in doses of 1 gr. after each meal, dissolved in water or milk. In essence manage from 1 to 3 drops, 3 times daily.

Precautions: the essence should not be administered to children as it can cause seizures.

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