Globule MINOR

globularia nana

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Globule MINOR
globularia nana

The Globularia minor is a plant belonging to the family of globulariáceas. It is a shrub that, in good condition, reaches up to the subway and a half in height. During the first year of cultivation, a rosette of leaves at ground level, where it comes from the stem itself to the second year of life, leaving it to turn oval - shaped leaves and jagged edges, which are coated with a so - called villi Deletes; is quite thick and gives a white or yellowish color. For your perfect the best development environment is the stony and calcareous places, rural areas and near mountain, and it is more frequent presence in the area north of the country, especially in eastern and central Pyrenees.


The gathering takes place in the flowering season, pending the opening of the flowers. Drying is carried out as quickly as possible, taking advantage of the sun but avoiding the presence of wind in any case. To improve the process is placed on the sample papers newspaper, which absorbed moisture as well as prevent darkening of the flowers - fact indicates that the loss of much of its activity. Bottles should be stored in topaz - colored thus avoiding the deleterious effect of light on the sample - and hermetically sealed to prevent moisture from the atmosphere can alter.

Part used: flowers, which are collected during the summer and drying at the shade.

Properties: refreshing and purifying the blood.

Directions: depurative; to expel impurities in the blood; acts favorably on the kidneys.


Decoction. Adding 80 grams of flowers and leaves in a liter of boiling water, leaving it at that temperature for ten minutes, then is filtered and allowed temper. Studies are washed wounds and can also be used in the form of an enema for cases of diarrhea.

Use: cook a teaspoon of the flowers in a cup of coffee, a hot cup before bedtime.

Common uses:

Depurative hypotensive cardiotonic.

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