Grosellero ESPINOSA

ribes uva crispa

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Grosellero ESPINOSA
ribes uva crispa
Other Names:

Agraz, Arganzón, Cambronero Colorada, Cambronero Mata, Chincarros, Escambrones, Lemon Grass, Uva Crespo, Uva Espina.

It is highly appreciated in the countries of northern Europe, and cultivated varieties have been obtained that produce large and tasty fruit. They are made jellies and jams that they have medicinal properties.

Habitat: Forests and disseminated by hedgerows across Europe, especially in the core countries and in Scandinavia.

Description: subshrub thorny for the family of Saxifragáces that reaches up to 1. 5 meters in height. The flowers are red or green. Da soft fruit oval and reddish or greenish, surrounded by pelillos and containing several seeds.

Used parts: the fruits (berries)

Properties and indications: the fruits contain organic acids, sugars, vitamins A, B and C, and minerals that give them properties appetizers, digestive, remineralizing, diuretics and laxatives.

For its diuretic effect, both fresh and in juice or jam, fruit of the thorny grosellero are very suitable for carrying out the so - called cures depurativas spring (0. 8, 8) very popular in central Europe and Scandinavia. With these treatments are intended to eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter, and offset the possible vitamin deficiency, a result of a diet low in fruits and vegetables.

They also are used as invigorating in cases of inappetence and exhaustion, as well as recovering from debilitating diseases such as infectious.

Use: fruit juice, half a glass every 12 hours. In fruit jelly or jam.

Precautions: Avoid green berries, as they may cause gastrointestinal intolerance.

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