senna alata

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senna alata

Shrub up to one meter high, with sturdy branches and foliage pubescent youth. Leaves of 30 - 100 cm. in length, 6 - 12 pairs of leaflets, cutting - pedi - compounds, elliptical, something inequiláteros, petioles robust without glands. Yellow flowers, showy clusters terminals located in the armpit or higher. Pods straight or almost 4 lengthwise and winged lengthwise dehiscent, multitabicada of 10 - 15 cm. long and about 1. 5 cm. wide, flat seeds, transverse parallel to the walls, brown with 5 Mm. long.


Tropical America, introduced in the Old World tropics.


Apparently not reachable in a natural way, which is widely cultivated as ornamental in parks, avenues and gardens of the city and the countryside.

Other properties attributed.

Herpes (fungal infection) and other skin diseases. Matan old, diuretic, and laxative sudorific.


Mucilage, Amal acid, tartaric acid, or aribarbarina acid crisofánico (fungal)

Bibliographic references.

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