tanaceto tanacetum vulgare

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tanaceto tanacetum vulgare
Other Names:

Anastasia, Athanasian, Herb San Marcos, Herb Lombricera.

Habitat: widespread throughout Europe except in the Mediterranean region. Naturalized in North America. Spain is only found in the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian valleys.

Description: viviz floor of the family Compositae with upright stems up to 90 cms. tall. Leaves divided into many jagged leaflets and aromatic. Chapters with yellow flowers and without ligules (a kind of large sheets that surround the floral sections of the compound)

Used parts: chapters mature flower well, with the seeds.

Properties and indications: It contains tannins, flavonoids and a substance rich in Thujone, which owes its properties:

Vermifuge: paralyzes intestinal worms (worms and pinworms) and although no lelga to kill them, facilitating their expulsion if taken after a laxative.

Emenagogas: causes and regulates menstruation.

Usage: infusion of 5 grams of seeds per cup of water, which is ingested in the morning on an empty stomach. Chapters dried flower can be taken directly from 2 to 5 grams crushed and dissolved in a little water; an hour to administer a laxative; repeat up to 3 consecutive days.

Externally, in enemas (Enemas) in the same operation that is used internally to enhance action worming of the infusion.

Precautions: Respect the recommended doses. At high doses can cause vomiting and seizures. Should not be given to pregnant women.

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