aliaria  alliaria officinalis

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aliaria  alliaria officinalis
Other Names:

Garlic Herb.

It has an aroma similar to garlic, and shared with him some of his noble virtues. It is recommended to use the fresh plant, shortly after it was torn off, as lost property to dry out. Some add to the salad its tender shoots of spring, which communicates a taste stimulant.

Habitat: common in mountainous and cold regions of Europe. It was also farmed in the Americas.

Description: herbaceous plant from 30 to 90 cm in height, the family of cruciferous. Its appearance is similar to the mustard. Their flowers are white, and are grouped in a cluster terminal.

Used parts: the fresh herb without the root.

Properties and indications: the entire plant contains sulfur glycosides similar to those of garlic, besides sinigrina (glucoside also present in mustard) and essential oils. It has diuretic properties, stimulant and antiseptic. It is useful in the following cases:

Spring fatigue and fatigue. Very appropriate for purifying a cure. It should especially obese, gouty, arthritic and hypertensive.

Torpid wounds and ulcers of the skin after washing with fresh juice aliaria, heal faster, by the action of disinfectant and revitalizing the plant. After washing the wound to enhance healing effect, you can put it on a towel or bandage soaked in the liquid (water with juice of fresh aliaria)

Usage: how best to maximize the virtues of aliaria, is getting its juice fresh for someone is crushed in a mortar, and gives a canvas of cotton, or more quickly through a blender, take 2 tablespoons of juice after every meal.

Externally, the wounds and ulcers of the skin was washed with boiled water, to which you add a couple tablespoons of fresh juice for each cup. After washing the wound is placed over a cotton cloth soaked in that water with fresh juice.

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