utricularia vulgaris

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utricularia vulgaris
Family: Lentibulariáceas.

Description: Grass stems submerged aquatic floating with the potential to reach two meters in height. The leaves are bitripinnatosectas, with numerous oval lacinia and air - filled blisters. The flowers are arranged in number from five to ten, in bunches with yellow striped Corolla. The lower lip is full and slightly wavy on the edge. The fruit is a capsule containing seeds rough. Plant common in water logged and marshy areas. Is harvested in summer.

The parties used the herb.

Active Principles: Sales functional, tannin, ethereal oil.

Diuretic properties, vulnerary.

Use: juice, infusion, poultice.

Interest: The vesicles of the lentibularia allow its flotation and the role vegetative. Despite being quite common in Europe, is a kind of tropical origin who enjoys a good introduction. It is highly sought by the mallards, which eat greedily. In practice family used their juices with alleged purpose remineralizing. This species was used in rice fields, in times of manual collection in the form of local cataplasms lightly astringent action on the wounds.

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