lobelia inflata

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lobelia inflata
Family: Campanuláceas.

Description: Grass annual upright stems, up to 50 cm. tall, angular, slightly pubescent. The leaves are altercation ovadolanceoladas, acute, with the margin slightly jagged and with the blade covered with hair. Margin glands. The flowers, which are grouped in tops or terminals in the armpit of the leaves, presea clear blue color. The fruit capsules are swollen, acostillado, containing brown seeds. It is a plant native to America and is collected on arrival at flowering.

Used parts: limbs flowery.

Chemical compounds: Lobeline, lobelacrina, inflatina acid, Lobel, essential oil, resin.

Properties: emética, expectorant, antiasmática, diaphoretic sedative.

How to use: tincture, extract fluid.

Note: The plant is highly poisonous and therefore should not be used only with strict medical supervision. Preparations are made based lobeline to get the addiction to snuff. The plane presents synergism with belladonna, the estramonio and visco.

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