phlomis purpurea

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phlomis purpurea
English: Jerusalem sage.

Family: Labiadas.

Description: evergreen shrub, branches of home runs and whitish by the presence of a felt hair short, leaves opposite, with short petioles and leaf - lanceolado rectangular, with a lot of hair, dark green on the beam and by the whitish underside.

Flowers that appear in groups in knots at the end of the branches, ending in 5 teeth calyx, corolla pink, large, that form two lips, the upper strongly curved.

Dried fruit that appears divided into 4 parts and dark globoid.

History and Uses: The matagallo was and is one of the most recognized plants in the world of plants with multiple properties. The Greeks in ancient times and used it and were aware of their properties, hence the name of its genre of Greek origin derived from Phlomis Phlox, "Flame" as it did with its leaves rolled wicks for Candiles oil.

Like other plants such as comose olivarda (Dittrichia viscose) or white steppe (Cistus albidus) was used as a mop to clean and remove the "scab" of the skin. The leaves were used as a substitute for snuff and flowers, rich in honey, candy sucks as it is also called "chupadera" or "melera. " Among other healing properties is attributed to the Antihaemorrhoidals, very astringent and diuretic. The matagallo is included in a well - known local recipe of syrup against colds and coughs that is produced primarily with dried figs, marshmallow (Lavatera maritima) locust beans, almond shells, flowers and olive jacket snake. It is used for grazing and fuel, which is important because we need to do a rational and sustainable use for not eradicating their natural populations. It is a lovely as ornamental plant in the Botanical Gardens and "The Albardinal" you can see it in the bush of matagallo, along with white steppe (Cistus albidus) crown (Coronilla juncea) rosemary, and other plants typical of arid scrub.

Taken from.

Botanical Garden "The Albardinal".

www. cabodegata. net.

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