myosotis aiprestris

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myosotis aiprestris
Family: Borragináceas.

Description: Grass roots with a woody, crawling, gray and fibrous, erect, fragile, hirsuta, with branched stems. The basal leaves are arranged in rosette, are spatula and petiolated; the caulinares, in contrast, are lanceolate and sessile. Apical flowers, arranged in small tops, have flared chalice and blue tubular corolla with yellow jaws. The fruits are blackish ovoidales achenes. Common in alpine meadows, in forests, among the rocks. It measures approximately 10 cm. Is collected in May.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Tannin, resin, mucilage, salts.

Properties: healing, ophthalmic, astringent.

How to use: Infusion, juice, distilled water, poultice.

Details of interest: Small plant that is grown for ornamental. Is an excellent remedy for many eye diseases, and is used as eye drops. Pressed and applied on the wounds, the heals. The juice is used in cases of epistasis. Enteritis in children is very active, especially if used in conjunction with the salicaria.

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