Acute gastroenteritis

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Acute gastroenteritis
Acute Gastroenteritis.

Affected parts.

Infection of the alimentary canal.

Normally produced by little aggressive virus or enterobacterias.

It is characterized by the presence of:

anorexy (lack of appetite)

retortijones or abdominal pain,

you feel nauseous and vomits or diarrea.



Most frequent and important it is the dehydration, mainly in the extreme ages.


Generally optimal.

Factors of risk.

Lack of hygiene in the food manipulation.

Food ingestion little cooked or crude.

Deficient conservation of foods.


To avoid the mentioned factors of risk.

To put under crude foods in suspicious zones to a chlorinated water immersion (1 spoonful of lye (CUIDADO: lejias present takes other compounds that make unusable them for the human consumption. Kindly read the label) in 10 liters of water) during half an hour after cleaning them.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis is clinical.

For reasons epidemiologists and of public health, it can be necessary to need the causal organism, which is made by means of culture of lees or the blood.

It can be necessary to discard:

Salmonellosis (an infection of the blood can be turned carrier or be suffered)

botulism (poisoning by the botulínica toxin, can be mortal) or.

Appendicitis (usually it does not produce diarrea)


General measures.

Rest, to avoid hypotensions (lowered of the arterial tension by the loss of liquids towards the alimentary canal)

Rehidratación (it drinks many liquids to replace them)


The antibiotic use usually is not necessary.

It can use smooth antidiarreicos in small amounts (NO ABUSES)

For febrícula, it uses paracetamol or metamizol.


Avoid the diets very astringents.

Avoid milky ones during one week.

Take many liquids (water, infusions, broths)

With this disease it is advised to follow the following diets:

Intestinal diet of protection.


Normally, transmission through foods of the causal agents.

In certain buds (epidemics) the transmission can be made by other routes.

The produced diseases, not by the corresponding agents, but by their toxins, denominate nourishing toxoinfecciones (nourishing Poisonings) although the clinic is very similar in general, but of faster appearance.

The gastroenteritis produced by some organisms present / display specific characteristics that allow to differentiate them from the rest, like the Botulism or the Salmonelosis.

Signs and symptoms.

In general:

sudden beginning,

lack of hunger,

abdominal pain or retortijones,

you feel nauseous and vomits, mainly in the beginning,

and diarrea, from watery to doughy.

The diarrea usually contains neither blood nor snot.

If it does, it goes to its doctor (in the costipados suckling babies and small children, can appear respiratory snot of vias in lees, not eave to me, but it consults with his pediatra if it persists after the resolution of the costipado one or the boy complaint of the gut)

The fever is relatively rare and usually she is not very high. If it is it, consults with its doctor.

Usually they are of fast recovery.

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