pimpinela menor sanguisorba minor

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pimpinela menor sanguisorba minor
Other Names:

Enjaretadura the herb, Herb's knife, Pampanilla, chervil, Sanguisorba Minor.

The tender shoots of spring Burnet lesser used in salads for their pleasant and refreshing flavor. Like the Burnet higher, this plant was also not known for the large - des doctors and botanists from classical antiquity. Its use spread to Europe from the Renaissance.

HABITAT: grows in ribazos, forests and uncultivated locations across central and southern Europe, but lacking in the north of the continent. It also occurs in North America.

Description: plant of the Rosaceae family, from 0. 2 to 1 meter in height, which is characterized by its stem angular, reddish, and its small flowers, terminals and greenish color.

Used parts: the whole plant, including the root.

Properties and indications: the entire plant contains significant amounts of tannin, an essential oil and vitamin C. These properties are:

Astringent and hemostatic: thanks to its high tannin content, coagulates and dries mucous membranes and skin. Have achieved good results in the treatment of acute gastritis and gastroenteritis, even when there are bloody stools (dysentery) and in the muco - membranous enterocolitis (a severe form of diarrhea) in infants.

Carminativa and digestive: the effect of its essential oil, reduces the gas content of the gut, and facilitates digestion.

Diuretic: effect smooth and well tolerated.

Healing is used externally for healing wounds and ulcers of the skin.

Use: sprouts, raw in salads and other dishes. Decoction with 50 - 100 grams. Root per liter of water for 15 minutes, you can also add the parts of plant; are ingested 4 or more cups each day.

For external use, lotions with the same decoction that is used internally. Towels soaked with liquid decoction.

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