tamarix gallica

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tamarix gallica
Family: Tamaricáceas.

Description Of Tamaris river in the Pyrenees, shrub bark brown and thin branches, numerous, carrying twigs to turn outdated and upright. The leaves are arranged on sticks, alternate, overlapping, lanceolate, glabrous, sessile. The flowers are arranged on small spikes and carry a basal toothed bract. Pentasépalas and are pentapétalas, white or pink. The stamens are at number five and anther are biloculares. The stamens are three. The fruit is a capsule containing seeds monolocular with apical edge. It grows spontaneously along the coast, in areas of the Mediterranean climate. You can reach and exceed the height of 5 m. It is grown as an ornamental species. Is collected in autumn.

The sides used sticks with leaves.

Active Principles Tannin, gallic acid, dyestuff, sodium sulfate, metilquercetol.

Directions: Astringent, antidiarrheal, diuretic.

Use: Decoction, enolito, tincture.

Interesting: For many contain tannins, the plant has been used in the tanning industry. Also provides a proper dyestuff substance for the dyeing of fabrics. It applies as a poultice for wounds on his haemostatic properties. The crust is more active than sticks.

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