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The biliary calculations are hard and small stones that form in the biliary vesicle and which they can vary of size being from as tiny as the head of a pin or as great as a nut.

The majority forms with cholesterol crystals when the bile is supersaturated of this component, precipitates and a nucleus forms from as they are deposited by apposition cholesterol crystals. The calculations are constituted this way, adopting diverse forms and sizes.

Other times are formed by biliary salts are to say digestive substances produced by the liver and stored in the vesicle and are possible that they form by some imbalance of the substances that compose the bile or by excess of cholesterol in the biliary juice.

One of the main components of the biliary calculations is the cholesterol. If a biliary calculation blocks one of the conduits that transport the bile of the vesicle to the intestine, an attack of biliary cólico can take place, causing intense abdominal pains, nauseas, vomit, inflammation, belches, perspiration and ictericia.

The presence of calculations also can cause to inflammation and infection of the vesicle. Nevertheless, he is very frequent that the vesicle contains stones without other complications appear.

Between the risk factors they are:

sex, since this problem aqueja more to women than to men, by the paper who play hormones.

the age, since in general they appear in greater people of 60 years.

on weight and the obesity.

the continuous use of contraceptive tablets or estrogens of restitution.

the nutritional habits that include very greasy foods and little fiber and starch.

Probably the inheritance, although well is not verified.

the pregnancy, since diverse studies have demonstrated to the relation between the pregnancy and the biliary calculations.

the sedentarismo.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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