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It is a problem that is characterized by the muscular weakness that it prevents to elevate the arms by above of the head, to make movements face and sometimes close the eyes and that are caused by the muscular fiber presence and an abnormal cellular structure.

One appears in both sexes and it appears during the adolescence or in young adults and their incidence it is of approximately in 5 of each 100, 000 people.

One pronounces by the encorvamiento of the back and the shoulders, that are progressive with periods of fast increase.

Although the person seems deformed, is able to walk and to take an almost normal life, nevertheless sometimes I could cause a considerable incapacity to walk, which reduces the life expectancy.

It is a genetic problem that is hereditary if some of the parents is carrying of the gene.

This upheaval is extremely variable in relation to the magnitude, severity and age in which appear the symptoms. The symptoms often do not appear until the age of 10 to 26 years, but it is not rare that they appear much more late and, in some cases, never are developed.

Between the complications that can appear with this disease, they emphasize:

Low self - esteem.

permanent and progressive Discapacidad.

severe Diminution of mobility.

Deformities in the face and shoulders.

Loss of hearing.

In few cases loss of the vision.

Although the person can take of very normal form her life, is recommendable that if it wishes to have children, consults with a genetista doctor, to evaluate the possibilities of transmission of the disease.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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