Typhoid fever

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Typhoid fever
It is an intestinal infectious disease, it burdens and acute that almost constitutes a severe problem of public health in everybody, although its incidence has diminished in countries with better levels of hygiene and environmental cleaning.

It is caused by a called bacterium Salmonella Typhi of which the human being is the only carrier.

The Salmonella typhi is a bacterium that transmits by means of contaminated foods or water with fecal matter and tinkles of carrying people. He is resistant to low temperatures which allows him to transmit through foods conserved to low temperatures like milk or the ice cream.

The fecal matter of infected people contains great amount of microorganisms that can contaminate the water and foods, those that, as well, infect other susceptible people making of this disease a very dangerous circle when there are no suitable conditions of hygiene or when black waters are used to water the cultures.

When the bacteria enter the organism, by means of foods or contaminated water, they begin to multiply in the thin intestine between the 24 and 72 hours of I infect and of there they happen to the sanguineous torrent affecting many of the organs the body.

Although most of the bacteria they are destroyed by the immunological system, those that are alive are continued reproducing causing serious damages in the biliary vesicle and its conduits, from where they can return to the intestine by means of the bile, reason why cause recurrent infections.

The evolution of the tifoidea fever is variable and in many cases, it can present / display one slight improvement before returning one or two later weeks.

When it is not taken care of suitably and opportunely, mortal complications like bled or intestinal perforation, pulmonía or hepatitis C can be presented / displayed.

Many tourists when eating in places with little hygiene or taking contaminated water usually contract the disease, mainly when they go to places with little sanitary control.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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