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Other alterations of the breasts are:

the philloides Tumors, that are very rare and affect mainly to women between the 40 and 50 years. They are of very fast growth and they can become malignant, reason why it is always recommended to extirpate them of ample form and completes to avoid that they reappear.

galactocele, that is the expansion and inflammation of the conduit in a nursing chest.

the chronic periductal mastitis, that is associated to the blockade of the full secretion conduits.

the estasis of the mammary conduits, that distienden and clog with cellular rest and secretions.

the disease of Mondor or mammary flebitis, that is caused by a vein inflamed by a blow or traumatismo and is alleviated with compresas of heat.

the greasy necrosis that is a bulk inflamed in the mammary fatty weave and appears after a blow or traumatismo. It needs a biopsy to discard cancer and is more frequent in women with great chests and after the 50 years.

The breast cancer is a suffering that appears most frequently after the menopause, although unfortunately is many cases that appear in women in reproductive age.

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