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Nefritis, is the term with which any inflammation or acute infection is even known the kidneys or any chronic deterioration, caused by some degenerative process or vascular damage and that can lead to a renal insufficiency, problem that are very delicate and dangerous.

Between the most common nefritis they are: The gromerulonefritis and the pielonefritis.

The Pielonefritis. It must to a bacterial infection and it can be acute or chronic.

Between its main symptoms they are: high, chills, intense pain in one or both cost and greater necessity to tinkle, accompanied fever of strong ardor and sensation of quemazón.

Glomerulonefritis. It can be acute or chronic. It is originated by diverse upheavals that damage the glomérulos, that is, the renales structures that filter the remainders of the blood. Some times it is developed after a estreptocócica infection.

Their symptoms are: headache, blurred vision, pain and generalized malaise and retention of liquids with swelling mainly in legs, hands and feet.

The chronic glomerulonefritis, is developed little by little and their symptoms appear in adult people. Often one appears in diabetic people or that suffers lupus, disease that affects the kidneys.

In addition to the infections, the nefritis also can be caused by medicines and the exhibition or inhalation of diverse toxic substances like: plaguicidas, reliable, heavy glues, benzene, arsenic, lead and other metals.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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