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Cronica Pielonefritis.

Infection of the kidneys that is developed slowly and lasted months or years. Affected parts.

It possibly leads to scars and to the loss of the renal function.


One appears in adults, being more frequent in women.


The symptoms with treatment can be controlled.

If a kidney only becomes infected chronically and the treatment with antibiotics is not effective, the surgical extraction of the affected kidney can prevent the complications.

If the chronic renal failure appears in both kidneys, the transplant or the dialysis can save the life of the patient.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of the renal function, urinálisis and culture of tinkles it.

X - rayses, T. A. C. R. M. N. or ecografía of the kidneys.


Medical treatment.

Surgery to repair the obstruction of the urinary conduit, when there is it.

Sometimes, when the kidney already is lost, it can be necessary to extirpate it to control the arterial hypertension that causes.

General measures.

Follow the treatment carefully.

It can not be easy in a disease that causes few symptoms in the first stages.


His doctor can prescribe:

Antibiotics during months or years.

Drugs to maintain tinkle it slightly acid.


Without restrictions.


There is no a special diet.

Drink 2 liters of liquids to the day, including juice of bilberries or of citruses to acidify it tinkles it.

Warn its medico if.

It has symptoms of an acute renal infection like:

urgent micción,

frequent or quemante,

fever and chills,


it tinkles cloudy.


Hypertension caused by the kidneys.

Chronic renal failure.


Go to the doctor quickly to treat the acute renales infections, that will include 2 weeks or more of treatment with antibiotics.

It does not interrupt the prescribed medication although the symptoms disappear to the few days of the treatment.

Go to the doctor for treatment of any anomaly of the urinary conduit that causes infection.

Factors of risk.

Antecedents of diabetes mellitus.

Urinary obstruction, like calculations or tumors.

Prolonged use of catheters.


Frequent acute bacterial infections renales.

Signs and symptoms.

Unlike the acute renal infection, there are no own signs or symptoms here, appearing those of the insufficiency (failure) renal chronicle:



Loss of the appetite.


Pain in one or both sides of the inferior back.

Loss of proteins and blood by tinkles it.

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