Renal trauma

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Renal trauma
Renal Traumatismo.

Bled or tear of the kidney or uréter.

The kidneys filter products of remainder of the blood and the excess of water and salts, producing tinkles it.

Uréteres is the conduits that transport tinkles it from the kidneys to vejiga.


Internal hemorrhage.

Shock (sweats, fadings, nauseas, jadeos, fast pulse, pale skin, fry and humid)

Losses of tinkle in the abdomen, that cause to abdominal inflammation or infection.

Scars and narrowing of damaged uréter.


Usually it is cured with time, rest and surgery or protection against the infection.

The surgery to extirpate a damaged kidney (if it has not been cured by other means) is not complicated.

After the recovery, it can live normally with a single kidney, although it will have to take some identification like so.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of tinkles.

X - rayses, T. A. C, R. M. N. or ecografía of the urinary system.

Sometimes the only form to confirm the existence of injuries is by means of the accomplishment of an exploratory laparatomía (to open the abdomen to visualize his directly contenido) as.


According to the type of injury, it can be surgical doctor or.

General measures.

There are special trainings no except for the enumerated ones in other sections.


His doctor can prescribe:


Antibiotics to treat or to protect against the infection.


After the injury, it will have to keep bed 1 or 2 weeks.

After the recovery, it resumes its activities gradually.


There is no special diet.

Drink of 6 to 8 daily glasses of liquid.

It does not drink alcohol.

Warn its medico if.

The kidney injuries are a EMERGENCIA. Ante the smaller suspicion, goes immediately to the doctor.

The symptoms are repeated after the treatment, mainly blood in tinkles it.

They appear inexplicable new symptoms. The drugs used in this treatment can produce indirect effect.


Protéjase against injuries whenever it can:

Póngase the lap belt when it goes in car, to diminish the internal injuries in case of accident.

It does not drink when it leads.

Factors of risk.

Excessive alcohol consumption.

Facility to suffer accidents.

Dangerous works.

Conduction in dangerous conditions.

Signs and symptoms.

Pain and sensitivity in the back, right under the ribs, in the affected side.

Fever (sometimes)

Blood in tinkles it.

If it has much pain, with great amount of blood in it tinkles it, one or their two kidneys can be seriously injured.


A direct blow in the renal zone (in the back, right under the ribs near the mean line.

Also it can take place of indirect form, in injuries of pelvis, by fragments of bone.

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