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Also known as:

Wardrobe, Herb Lombriguera.

This plant, like that of the Mediterranean sun, the flame wardrobe, because, placed flower bouquets in their cupboards, protects clothes from moths and other insects.

Habitat: plant itself in the Mediterranean countries, which prefer rocky terrain of limestone. It is grown in gardens and orchards.

Description: perennial plant of the family of compounds, which reaches 20 to 50 cms. tall. Its leaves are hair, and are very finely divided, so reminiscent of the cypress. Flores terminals yellow gold. Strong odor and bitter taste.

Used parts: the flower cones and seeds.

Properties and indications: the whole plant, especially the flower heads, containing up to 1% of essence, composed of a ketone (the santolinona) and an ester of phenolic nature. Other components are: tannins, resins and a bitter principle. Its properties are similar to those of chamomile:

Tonic stomach, digestive and antispasmodic: ideal plant to facilitate the digestion of those suffering from the stomach.

Vermifuge: very useful against Ascaris and pinworms (intestinal parasites) common in children.

Emanogogo mild effects: causes menstruation.

Applied externally, in the water bath, the female ABR”TANO provides a pleasing effect emollient (desinflamar skin) relaxing and soothing.

Use: In infusion prepared with 6 or 7 cones flower per cup of water. Swallowed a cup after each meal. It also takes 3 to 5 drops of the essence, 3 times a day. As worming can be taken in an infusion of dessert teaspoon of seeds per cup of water, which is taken every morning for a week - repeat another cycle like a month. Powdered seeds from 2 to 4 grams a day mixed with honey or juice. For external use are taken hot baths that are made by pouring into the bath water 2 liter infusion made with a handful of large flower heads, or adding 10 to 20 drops of essence in the bathtub.

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