agárico blancopolyporus officinalis

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agárico blancopolyporus officinalis
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The vegetative part of this fungus develops in the cedars and larches. It may take several years to achieve their full development and until you see the player, known to all as a mushroom. The caps appear along the trunk of the trees mentioned above and are not attached to anything, is simply a round shape without corner. They are fleshy and are protected by a thick skin and furrows. Its scent reminds the other when they're fresh mushrooms, but the dry smell like mold.

One grows up in the cedars of northern Africa and the larch, coniferous trees that are not found in the Iberian Peninsula.

The White Agaric is a fungus and thus has no flowers and flowering season. Based vegetative fungi consists of the mycelium, this appears formed by a series of hebrillas that stretch below ground and coming together at the foot of the mushroom itself. This part is maintained throughout the year. The reproductive system is the mushroom. The drop is in the hat containing spores. Collected the hat of the fungus, and nothing else do you remove the rind and cut into pieces for further drying. Is put in place for low humidity and, once dried, is stored in well - sealed jars for preservation.

The active ingredient of this plant is the agaricina, which is obtained from resinous material. Contains other substances such as fitosterina and colesterina. In small doses is used as antisudorífero, since it is capable of paralyzing the nerve endings of the sweat glands. In high doses can be used also as a purgative and laxative. The agaricina is a substance that can cause irritations of external and internal. On some occasions it has been mixed with opium in order to counter such effects.

Formerly it was regarded as an excellent remedy in many diseases, so it was used to relieve indigestions, heal liver problems, used to take people with asthma, was used against jaundice, pain in the kidneys. and a host of diseases. That is, it was one of those home remedies capable of solving all sorts of evils.

Bake: Place one liter of water to boil, add 1 gr. Agaric of white and cool. We recommend having a cup (after meals) sweetened with honey to combat sweats. If you want to use to regulate the digestive system, then it should add 2 or 3 degrees. water.

Hypohydrosis. Laxative. Purgative.

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