FINA savory

ajedrea fina  satureja obovata

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FINA savory
ajedrea fina  satureja obovata
It is a small shrub, which grows tall and very rough to the touch. Is.

a very leafy plant, with leaves encountered; the size of such sheets does not exceed 8 mm. They are so obtuse and rounded at the tip and bind to the stem through a short corner. They have numerous pits where it stores the essence and they give the appearance like a leaf spotting. Can be found in the east of Spain, Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia. One grows in arid and dry. The savory fine start to flower from the month of July and continues throughout the summer. The flowers are white and born on armpits of the leaves above to form terminals with flower bouquets dropped to one side. In the leaves of this plant are distinguished numerous Hoyita, each of which houses a gland full of substance, which communicates with the savory aroma common to the intense fires. The flavor of the leaves in crude is slightly spicy. Collection of interesting leaves and flowering tops, so the harvest season coincides with the flowering season. The fine is savory properties very similar to those of the common savory.

It has antiseptic properties and toning, appetizers, digestive and Carmine. This plant also acts as an astringent, antidiarreica and healing. Is indicated in inappetence problems, gastrointestinal weakness, gastrointestinal spasms, meteorism, stomach aches, bronchitis and external use serves to heal wounds. Among the side effects, like any substance, has described the onset of skin rashes resulting from its use by internal. In reality this is a rare, but is always recommended to start treatment with low doses and gradually increase them. What is important is caution when administered to children, since they are more susceptible to allergic problems.

Infusion: The leaves must be properly shredded before adding them to boiling water, add a tablespoon per cup dessert. It takes one cup after meals.

Essence: From 3 to 5 drops of the essence on a sugar cube, three times a day after meals.

Adobo: On the east side of Spain is used to prepare the olives.

Antiseptic. Carminative. Spasmolytic.

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