ALGA spirulina

spirulina maxima

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ALGA spirulina
spirulina maxima
Used Part.

The algae complete.

Active Principles.

Exceptionally rich in protein (60 - 70%) amino acid (tryptophan) vitamins, essential fatty acids (gamma - linolenic) unsaponifiable (carotenoids, sterols, xanthophylls) mucilage, minerals: selenium.

Drug Action.

Saciantes: Due to the mucilages and their high protein content, produces a feeling of fullness stomach, thereby reducing the appetite. For its content mucilages, also has an effect demulcent, anti - protective mucous membranes and mechanical laxative. For its content in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids, is a good dietary supplement.


Dietary supplement in slimming cures, malnutrition or special situations of great physical activity psycho. Constipation, gastritis, gastric ulcers.



Caution / Poisoning.

Due to the ease with which grow alongside the other spirulina algae with potential toxicity, use only specialties with proper sanitary control.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

See section of precautions.

Powder: 150 mg / day, as a dietary; 500 - 3. 000 mg / day, as Saciantes (starting with 150 mg three times a day, and increase gradually)


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