Information about mineral

The Selenium is an essential mineral that funge like antirust, altogether with the vitamin And Its function is to help to the metabolism against free radicals. Aid to maintain some functions of the body.


The selenium along with acts the vitamin and like antirust, helping our metabolism to fight against the action of the free radicals. Aid to protect to us against the cancer, besides to maintain in good state the hepáticas, cardiac and reproductive functions.

Daily dose.

Suckling baby:

6 Months: 20 µg.

1 Year: 20 µg.


1 to 6 Years: 20 µg.

6 to 10 Years: 40 µg.

Men: 60 µg.

Women: 50 µg.


It is rare, although it can occur in zones where the Earth does not contain sufficient amount of this mineral. It can even produce muscular pain and miocardiopatías. Studies have been carried out that relate geographic areas to smaller amounts of selenium in foods with a greater incidence of cancer.


A very high ingestion can cause vomit, diarrea, fatigue, diseases of the skin, nails and teeth, and problems in the nervous system.


Integral meat, fish, cereals and milky products. The vegetables will depend on the Earth in which it has been cultivated.

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