aristoloquia bética   aristolochia baetica

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aristoloquia bética   aristolochia baetica
The aristoloquia Betica is an evergreen plant, which is quite high, can reach 3 meters in height easily. The basis of this plant is woody and has a few green shoots at the top that persist throughout the year. In the underground part is a fairly long strain of which do not start rootlets.

The leaves erupt around the stem, are so acorazonada and remain green throughout the year. The stems are not upright but are twists and grow in any direction. It originated in Africa. Within the Iberian Peninsula is located in the area of Andalusia. One grows up among the weeds, in hedgerows and rocky places.

It begins to bloom in winter and continuing throughout the spring. The flowers are born in isolation and are linked to the plant for a very long corner that part of the armpit of a road and serves as its protection. Sometimes the flower is larger than the road that subject, but there is usually no problem because the subject is quite strong. The collection is produced throughout the year, as the part used is the root and will not affect the season so that their components are more or less active. The aristoloquia Betica is not as well known as other aristoloquias of his family.

It has never been used and its composition is not very studied. Optional virtually no medical uses. Home was used as a remedy for years to cause menstruation in women. It has also been used on occasion to cure hot flashes caused lip for some fever, or those that occur for no apparent reason from time to time. Formerly used as an analgesic to relieve all sorts of pain, but on rare occasions and always as home remedy.

Infusion: Put to boil 1 liter of water and adding a piece of root aristoloquia Betica; cool and slip the remains of the plant. It can be sweetened with a few teaspoons of sugar if the taste is not very pleasant. It is recommended to take three cups a day after meals to induce menstruation in women.

Bake: Place water to warm up and adding a piece of the plant. You can take this preparation as a painkiller when you have some mild pain but not too effective, so it is better to use other plants that operate best in such conditions.

Febrífugo. Emenagogo. Analgesic.

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