aristoloquia redonda aristolochia rotunda

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aristoloquia redonda aristolochia rotunda
The aristoloquia round consists of several narrow and elongated stems. The leaves are distributed on the floor of a completely disorganized; have a heart - shaped and are quite large in relation to the size of the rest of the plant. They are joined at the stems of some very small corner that can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

The most characteristic of this plant is located below ground: this is a large tuber rounded the starting small rootlets. One grows near hedgerows, streams, ditches and fields.

It begins to bloom in April and, depending on the area you are located, the time of flowering can be extended until June. The flowers are isolated, at a time. His chalice, so tubulosa and white, contains approximately six stamens. The flowers are very fragrant, unlike their leaves. Inside the flower is the fruit which in turn contains many seeds.

The only part is harvested tuber, which has the most assets. The composition of this plant is not well known because it is used very little. It is known that the root crop contains aristoloquina, which is a pretty toxic alkaloid. Therefore, this plant should not be used as a home remedy, because it can be very toxic. It is only advisable under the supervision of a physician, but because so little studied that is, among other reasons because their healing properties are rare, if not nil, you can almost assure that it will be very difficult that becomes a part of the plants medicines. Formerly was used to offset the effects of the poison of the snakes and any other kind. It was also used to relieve pain from menstruation and childbirth. Virtually was used as a home remedy for all kinds of diseases to which they are not found another solution, such as pain or asthma in the spleen, to cure wounds, in problems of bones, to clean teeth and gums. It should not be used to be very harmful to health.

Cooking: Put water to boil and adds a handful of the plant. Cool and slip the remains that might be.

Poultice: Place the crushed grass above a damp cloth. It is applied on the affected area of bone problems or articu.


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