azufaifo  zizyphus jujuba

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azufaifo  zizyphus jujuba
The azufaifo thorny tree is a little high, with many branches in the form of zig - zag. Apart from some long - branches to shape the tree - misses other small twigs that emerge during the winter. The flowers are small, green and yellow conglomerate born in the armpit of the leaves.

Shaped star. The azufaifo are breeding in orchards and agricultural lands from Aragon and Catalonia to the Algarve in Portugal. It comes from the East, but was brought to the Mediterranean countries to be cultivated since ancient times.

It blooms in summer and its fruits ripen with the arrival of autumn. From the collection of interest for therapeutic purposes the fruit, leaves and bark of branches.

In the fruits we can find up to 10% of tannins, glycosides, vitamin C and abundant mucilage. In the bark tannins also have (though in smaller numbers) and the leaves are glycosides, tannins and acids, some rare, as the acid zizķfico. These compositions confer different properties to each part of the plant: the fruit is mainly vitamin and demulcent, astringentes the bark has properties and is used widely as an antidiarrheal, and the leaves, besides being astringent properties that lower - sugar level blood. Therefore, fruit, bark and leaves are used primarily in the treatment of diarrhea, specifically used the fruit in states of convalescence and leaves in moderate diabetes. In external use, bark and leaves are used in pharyngitis, vaginitis, eczema and escoceduras FRUIT - called azufaifas - can eat as fresh and have a mild laxative effect due to its large amount of mucilage. You can also dry up.

Decoction: This is prepared from the leaves and bark. With the dosage of one tablespoon per cup of dessert, boiled for 5 minutes and takes 4 to 6 cups a day.

External use: The same decoction can be used earlier in the form of towels, mouthwash, washed, and so on. Just should prepare more concentrated.

Fruits: The fruits are taken directly, once washed, and exert a mild laxative effect. Are nothing tasty and digested with difficulty, so not very recommendable.

Astringent. Antidiarrheal. Vitamin.

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