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Other Names:

Cardo Setero, Eringio.

The corridor is a thistle Umbelíferas disguised as thistle. It's called 'corridor' or 'nomadic', because, in the fall, the wind started their stems filled with dried leaves, and drag to colonize new lands. The trunk and root, however, remain strongly attached to the land, and grow closer to them appetizing mushroom - thistle.

The medicinal properties of this plant have already been highlighted by the Greek Dioscorides in the first century AD As with other plants, so he attached more empirical medicinal properties of those actually have. Today, its chemical composition known, we can determine its real indications.

Habitat: common in dry meadows, sunny slopes and fallow land in all of Europe. You can also find themselves in the American continent.

Description: plant of the family of Umbelíferas, which reaches 40 to 60 cms. tall. Its stems are slender and its leaves, spiny. The chapters are composed of many floral white - green flowers. All the plant off an odor similar to that of carrot, except the root, it's a little bitter.

Properties and indications: the root contains saponins, as well as tannin, sugar and an essential oil. The saponins reduce the surface tension of the liquid and form like soap bubbles (from the Latin saponem, soap) These substances give the thistle a major corridor diuretic effect. Therefore, their use is appropriate:

In case of edema (fluid retention) especially those in the legs and ankles.

Parts used: root (collected in spring or autumn) the tender shoots and leaves (they are harvested in summer)

þ in the event of excess uric acid (arthritism) and grit in the urine, where interest "cleanse" the kidneys.

It should be noted that the diuretic effect of saponins of thistle corridor is pretty intense, but not constant, as is declining day by day, to almost disappear after one week. Hence does not recommend using it for more than two or three consecutive days. After a few days rest, go back to be effective.

The root of the thistle broker also owns properties snacks, and is part of the so - called "corner aperitivas roots", along with those of blonde, capers, and gatuña program.

Use: in salad as their buds and tender leaves are highly appreciated by lovers of wild vegetables. In infusion with a handful of crushed root (30 to 40 grams) per liter of water. Allow to stand until it is very cold, and take 2 or 3 cups daily. Do not save the infusion from one day to another, then loses its properties.

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