azafrán crocus sativus

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azafrán crocus sativus
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Egyptians, Israelites and Greeks, it took much appreciation for their medicinal properties. In the Modern Age, their virtues were exaggerated to the point that Hetodt, German physician of the seventeenth century, as recommended for all ills, from toothache to the plague. Nowadays it is used more as a condiment than as a remedy. It is the most expensive spice of all known.

HABITAT: grows in Mediterranean countries. Spain is a leading producer of the world. It is also cultivated in some Latin American countries.

Description: bulbous plant of the family of Iridáceas, 10 - 15 cm tall,

which gives a beautiful lilac - colored flowers. At the center of each flower there are 3 orange stigmas of the saffron is obtained from itself.

Used parts: the stigma of the flower.

Properties and indications: saffron contains a bitter principle (picrocina) a coloring (crocina) and an essential oil. It has digestive properties, snacks and Carmine. In addition, it is emenagogo and can relieve menstrual pain. Externally concentrated infusion is used to rub his gums of children and alleviate the discomfort of teething own.

Use: make an infusion with some snipped saffron per cup of water. Be sweetened with honey, molasses (sugar cane honey) or brown sugar. To use externally, using a concentrated infusion to be prepared with the amount of saffron enough so that water acquires a dark brown.

Precautions: in relatively high doses, saffron is a potent poison. It is abortion, and produces serious nervous disorders and kidney. The poisoning can occur with a dose of 20 g.

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