gatuñaononis spinosa

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gatuñaononis spinosa
Other Names:

Abreojos, AZNALLO, Detienebuey, Peine of ass, Quiebrarados, Cat's Claw.

Habitat: quite common in cultivated fields and dry prairies of all Europe. Naturalized in America.

Description: perennial plant of the family of legumes, with stiff stems up to 40 cms. height, the prickles acute post. Its flowers are pink alive.

Used parts: the roots, flowers and leaves.

Properties and indications: the tough roots of gatuña contain ononina (flavonoid glycoside) tannin, resin, starch and saponins.

It has diuretic and anti - inflammatory properties on urinary organs. Is indicated for cystitis, urinary infections, kidney stones (may dissolve) Arenillas, edema (fluid retention in the tissues) and prostate ailments.

The leaves and flowers, applied locally, they have antiseptic and astringent properties. They are used in mouthwashes and gargarismos against tonsillitis (angina) and compresses, as if healing of wounds Torp (difficult to cure) and ulcers of the skin.

Use: 50 - 60 grams in decoction of the roots cut into slices per liter of water, which takes 3 to 4 cups a day. Externally, in gargarismos with an infusion of 60 - 80 grams of leaves and flowers per liter of water. Towels with the same infusion.

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