cardenchadipsacus fullonum

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cardenchadipsacus fullonum
Other Names:

Abrepuño, Carda, Cardo Card, Dipsaco, brushes, combs, Raspasayo.

For many centuries, humanity has used the prongs of this thistle for carded wool. Hence it is his name. Although at present this task is accomplished by mechanical means, the cardencha still offering its good services as a medicinal plant.

Habitat: Common in fresh soil and clay of central and southern Europe. It grows well in much of the American continent.

Description: plant of the family of Dipsacáceas, which reaches up to a couple of meters high. The stem has many thorns. Chapters flower, formed by the union of many florecitas, are colored purple or pink; barbed ends in about 6 to 10 cms. in length.

Used parts: the root.

Properties and indications: the whole plant, and especially its root, contains a glucoside called Escabiosa, salicylic acid and potassium salts. This explains its medicinal properties: diuretic (increases the production of urine) and sudorific (increased sweating)

The root of cardencha is a good depurative of blood. Its effects are mild but persistent, and may be taken in any amount, because the body tolerates very well. It is particularly useful in the following cases:

Excess fluid in the tissues: dropsy, or edema from any cause.

Excess uric acid (arthritism) It favors the elimination of uric acid and other substances in the waste circulating in the blood.

Acne, eczema and rashes enhances the production of sweat, and thus the elimination of substances that irritate the skin.

Use: decoction with 40 - 50 grams of pulverized root in 2 liters of water. Boil until the liquid is reduced by half. Filter and sweetened with honey. Are drunk several cups a day. The treatment should last several months.

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