inula helenium

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inula helenium
Spanish: Helenio.

English: Elecampane.

French: Inula Aune.

Family Compound.

Directions: Expectorant. Battle of bronchial spasms. Asthma. Diuretic. Uterus. Aperitive. Sudorific.

Description: Perennial plant, very robust and showy, with the result fitted with thick and fleshy rhizome, up to 1. 5 m in height. The basal leaves, large, are arranged in rosette; can measure up to 15 - 20 cm. wide, with a long petiole, slightly toothed. Caulinares the leaves are smaller, something ACORAZONADO, sessile, very scattered, light green, rugged in the upper layer and delicately cotton in the bottom. The flowers are arranged in large yellow cones, with a diameter of about 8 cm. Surrounded by thin lígulas forming an inflorescence in irregular curds. The receptacle carries several layers of overlapping bracts small, but with a distinctly leaf morphology. The fruit is an oval achene, a small, plain, with Vilan fitted with long hair. One grows in damp and preferably with grass. Is collected in spring and autumn, plant at least three years.

Used parts: The rhizome.

Chemical compounds: Essential oil, azulenes, inulin, resin, mucilages, salts.

Properties: Bitter, stomach, béquico, bleaching.

How to use: Decoction, fluid extract, tincture, syrup, enolito, dust.

Note: This species has been used in the manufacture of liquor as well as an ornamental plant. Rare spontaneous, it is widely cultivated. In applying external use cataplasms against itching. By distillation, provides up to 2% of essence semifluida. As of this kind can be obtained easily alcohol. Germany is a valued delicacy.

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